How to Access Your FTCC Student E-mail Account

eMail POLICY STATEMENT for FTCC Classes:  All students taking an online course or using Blackboard in a class are required to use the e-mail account provided by FTCC to communicate with the instructor and students within the course. Your student email address will be  This address will be pre-loaded into Blackboard. This is where your instructor will be sending you information about the class.

eArmyU students must use the eArmyU email account or their AKO account provided for them by the Army.

Fayetteville Technical Community College provides each enrolled curriculum student with a free email account.  This is account is created at the beginning of each semester and is activated on the first day of the semester.  The College uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access for its web-based student e-mail server.  To check this e-mail account , you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 updated with service pack 2 is best!).  If you do not have MS Internet Explorer installed on your computer, you can download the program from or other browsers may not work properly.

FTCC uses a standard naming convention to establish each email account and User name. This data is taken directly from the registration records. It also matches your Blackboard User name.  That convention is:

  • The first six characters of your last name, your middle initial and last four digits of your Social Security Number as your User name. (example: Jane P. Student,  123-45-6789 would be studenp6789 ). Please check your class registration slip to see if you are registered at FTCC with a middle initial.

  • Your birthday (mmddyy) is your password, with no dashes or spaces. (example: January 2, 1980 would be 010280).

  • During your initial login only, your password will be your birth date (MMDDYY), not your Social Security Number.  After entering your birth date, a password management form  will appear and you will be prompted for your old password and new password.  Enter your Birth Date (MMDDYY) as the old password, just as entered when you first logged in.  You will then enter the password of your choice for the new password.  Write you new password down so you will remember what you changed it to.

     After completing the password change form, click OK and you will be notified if the change was successful.  If successful,  you will see the statement "Password successfully changed". The link "Back to"  will be displayed.  Click this link to go back to the login screen.  Login in there with your new password.

    If you have a link marked in your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks that goes to FTCC's Student Email server you will need to update the link.  Make sure your Favorite/Bookmark link sends you to NOT

This User name is also called your alias. Your email address would be your

When you connect to the web link for the Microsoft Exchange you will see the following Logon Screen:

  • You enter your User name (or alias) in the first line for User Name.  You enter your password in the second line.

  • Leave the Domain text box blank and click the OK button.

  • If your login does not work, please select this link to search for  your User name

You can also setup Outlook Express to check your FTCC student email account.  To see how to do that click here and follow the directions provided.


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If you have student e-mail problems contact .